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Welcome to Essex Laser Lipo Clinic & Cliff House Clinic.

Aesthetics and good health are my passions.

The “hi-tech” lasers, radio frequency and the Intense Pulsed Light (“IPL”) systems in operation at my clinics are very sophisticated as well as powerful. I am one of the few, formally qualified (to ITEC Level 4) and properly insured practitioners of this latest technology within the whole of the UK.

I have a background in nursing which led to a consultancy in the private health insurance profession. In addition, I have undertaken training as a psychotherapist, studied nutrition and have actively engaged in “lifestyle” health. I have run the London Marathon and regularly attend advanced Pilates and Yoga classes.

That background convinced me that so many people could benefit from one or more of the specialist treatments which either of my clinics can offer with the advantages of their state of the art technology and equipment.

My faith was not misplaced.

My clinics have now successfully treated hundreds of clients who have discreetly recommended us to “family and friends” who, in turn, re-recommend us.

I try to ensure that my clinics offer my clients what I would personally wish for: a calm, warm, relaxed and friendly experience, undertaken safely by properly qualified aesthetic practitioners.

You have my contact details. Just get in touch for a chat and you may have taken the first step on an exciting and pleasurable new road!

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Essex Laser Lipo Clinic

The Essex Laser Lipo Clinic is situated on Clarence Road in Southend-on-Sea with beautiful views of the Thames Estuary. The Clinic itself is light and airy and the warm and welcoming atmosphere ensures that your time with us is peaceful and extremely pleasant.


penny hawker laser lipoLegislation in the UK for aesthetic practitioners where the use of various types of lasers are used are required to hold ITEC level 3 and 4 qualifications in conjunction with the manufacturer’s certification (ITEC is the leading international examination board). This qualification is required in the UK by law for any aesthetic practitioner to safely operate IPL, Lasers and ND YAG laser treatments for the purposes of skin rejuvenation, hair removal, fat removal and other cosmetic treatments.

These qualifications are required by the industry to ensure proper insurances can be obtained and safety measures and professional protocols are adhered to. At Essex Laser Lipo and Cliff House Clinic we work in conjunction on a consultancy basis with Lipo Body Slender and the New Brook training school, a highly respected body of professionals in aesthetic practices.

We keep up to date with the latest technology by regularly attending advanced aesthetic study days and master classes run by professional bodies in advanced aesthetics. We are also certified by the manufacturers in the proper use of these advanced technologies and techniques and have over 20 years of experience at Essex Laser Lipo.

Essex Laser Lipo and Cliff House Clinic use superior medical grade machines which are serviced on a regular basis as required by law to comply with health and safety regulations. Essex Laser Lipo and Cliff House Clinic are also qualified with a certificate of excellence in advanced aesthetic practices to safely administer combination treatments.

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