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* I have just finished my first course of laser-lipo and feel good about myself for the first time in ages!! Penny is an amazing technician who knows exactly what she’s doing, and listens to what you as the client wants to achieve.Peny advised me that i needed to tweak my diet slightly to achieve the maximum results, ( as usual I’d left everything to the last minute ….holiday in 3 weeks time), and by following her advice I’ve managed to lose 10 lbs and some of my inhibitions!! I’m going to continue with my new eating regime ( not a diet ), and will be going back to see Penny after my holiday just for a booster…..I may even book another course because like most women I’d like a little more….and more importantly I’ll miss seeing Penny and our great little chats. If you’re not sure about laser-lipo just pop along and see Penny you won’t be disappointed, its the best thing i did!!

Tracy Massey 08/08/2012

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