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* Being a type 1 dependant diabetic, I suffered from lipo hypertrophy on my stomach area. This is an accumulation of extra fat from daily subcutaneous injections. I had unsightly lumps and marks all around my navel area that were affecting my confidence. I was resigned to the fact that there was nothing I could do to get rid of them. Bikini’s were not an option! I had a consultation with Penny over the phone, She has a medical background so she understood the condition completely and suggested I come in for the trial treatment. To my complete amazement, after just the trial session the lumps on my stomach vanished completely! I was so impressed with the results, not just that the fatty lumps had gone but the overall fat on my stomach had shrunk and my mottled skin looked rejuvenated. I decided to go for a few more treatments as I loved the effect it had and I have now worn a bikini for the first time in years! I would highly recommend this treatment for anyone who has problem injection sites or for overall fat loss.

Holly 26/07/2014

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