How To Reverse The Ageing Process

Before And After Laser Lipo

The amount of anti-ageing treatments available on the market is absolutely astonishing. When we think of anti-ageing treatments we tend to think of either face creams or the extreme option of invasive surgery such as facelifts, eye bag removal etc. Do not get me wrong I am an absolute sucker for expensive face creams and serums, I absolutely love them, but I am all too aware after decades of using them that sadly there is no serum or face cream that will reverse ageing. To help myself look and feel good every morning and night I turn to my favourite face creams and serums, however to reverse ageing I used to often feel like plastic surgery was the only way. Plastic surgery however is not a route for many of us and definitely hasn’t been one for me over the years- not only is it very expensive but is often very painful and has a long recovery time.

In recent years however there has been an amazing and rapid development in the amount of non-invasive treatments for anti-ageing that produce fantastic results. I love non-invasive treatments as they are affordable, effective, often pain free, and require very little to no recovery time. Some of the fantastic treatments I offer at my clinic such as laser lipo, which is great for tightening the jowls and removing fat from the stomach area, are so effective and also pain free! We also offer skin tightening treatments for sagging skin on the neck and face to encourage collagen and an advanced non-surgical facelift which is fantastic!!

Here are some pictures of results achieved here at the cliff house clinic:

The ageing process doesn’t mean we have to be overweight, saggy baggy and look tired,  it does however take a little input and effort in achieving the desired fresh, less tired look. To feel fantastic and youthful maintain a healthy lifestyle- eat well and exercise! Go even further than this and give me (Penny) a call at the Cliff house clinic and book a consultation where I can guide you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, show you our available treatments and endeavour to help you be the best you can be!


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