Healthy Strong Fit Women

As females we are meant to have curves, the quest for ultra thinness is  generated by the fashion industry where the clothes, for the most part have been designed with no thought in mind for the female form, they require thin women to be used as coat hangers to showcase their creations, unfortunately it translates through to normal women like you and me, to be acceptable and wear fashionable clothes you have to be thin.  By far the most attractive look for any age group is to look and feel fit, strong and healthy.  Skinny is not a good look for anyone, I run a weight loss clinic and our message is, and always has been to seek a healthy physique. Anyone who feels constantly under pressure to be thin as opposed to fit, lean and strong, mostly ends up with low self esteem and is on the road to unhappiness. The images we are exposed to in magazines are so air brushed, it sends all the wrong messages, especially to young females, so lets start promoting fit strong and healthy, we are not all going to look like Gwyneth Paltrow, who apparently works out for 2 hours a day, but attention to eating lean and clean and taking some exercise will empower us to feel and look great about ourselves.

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